film and TV training


Film and Tv Aesthetics and Training

As the film and Tv industry grows so does the way in which lead actors are viewed and valued. Image is not everything but adding value and actually looking like you are your character for real is a huge bonus. Your particular role whether it be in a military movie as a shirtless marine or a stand by extra in a period drama or fantasy movie. Not only will you feel the part and look the part you know you’ll be ready to take on the challenge.

Here we can pre prep, injury proof an advance your training.


Programming and Nutrition.

Programs are all built on an individuals current ability, monitored and sculpted to suit with inclusive nutrition needs included.

A suitable dedicated instructor can be provided for you from start to finish.

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Private Gym Hire

The Ministry will accommodate the needs of all parties and will even let individuals and groups train behind closed doors. *appointments necessary

We never disclose anyone’s identity.

For details on any of the above please contact directly to book an appointment. or Call 07554052979