We offer balanced one-on-one, paired or team instruction for every level, age and gender. Each training session will cater for every individuals needs.

For individuals seeking a higher level of salvation we have specialised training sessions.

Which level are you..? The answer is simple! All of them! You don't have a limit!

Commitment, dedication and work specific training has already gained success stories.

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Alfie is an inspiration to everyone, not letting disability stand in her way she has competed and won multiple competitions in British weightlifting bench press. Guiding her forward James as devoted time to restructuring Alfie into a specific strength and holistic programme, helping her improve her potential, raising her confidence but mostly her self belief. Alfie worked harder still as she powered forward into the Paralympic Games with new determination where upon she broke records in her age and weight category.

Alfie Wright- 2017 English and British Women's Para- Powerlifting Champion 62+ Kg

Alfie Wright- 2017 English and British Women's Para- Powerlifting Champion 62+ Kg

Tanya sought to change her life's direction. OCR challenges! No problem. A year on and Tanya qualified for both the 2017/18 OCR World Championships respectively and will continue on into GB 2019! Tanya a now proud member of the Gym Jones Level 3 group also claims 1st Place in the women’s Fan Dance High Moon Edition 2017 and 2018. Nails aren't this tough!

Tanya Haeffele -Owner Pyramid Apparel International

Tanya Haeffele -Owner Pyramid Apparel International

Colleen Drummond is the perfect example of what we promote and want to achieve. The mind is primary and with the right attitude, mind set, goals and functional training anything is possible.      

One of her finest achievements was to 'run' a marathon with her little man Owen who suffers from a rare medical condition known as Schwartz Jampel Syndrome and confined to a wheel chair. The challenge? Pushing a 40 pound wheelchair with a 40 pound disabled child sitting in it marathon distance.  Colleen got specific 1 on 1 guidance and training from James in order to achieve this. Upon finishing and after being asked how he felt Owen simply replied "Like a real athlete"! This race is just one of many achievements in Colleens fitness CV including completing the 96 mile West Highland Way.Concept2 Skierg Half Marathon Age 40-49 British and World Record holder Ski-erg Marathon, British and World Record holder Ski-erg Half Marathon, British and World Record holder Ski-erg 60 minutes broken in 2017 and 2018, British and World Record holder Ski-erg 10,000m, L2 PT.

Nothing is beyond reach when your heart, soul and mindset is in the right place.


Tristram and Tom

Tristram and Tom

The Ministry Gym Instructors are currently training clients/athetes for the following events including your own specific goals you never thought possible..:

Spartan (Sprint, Super, Beast)

Tough Mudder (Half and Full)

Toughest OCR Series

OCR World Championships

OCR European Championships

CrossFit all ranks

Fan Dance Race Series (Clean Fatigue/Load Bearing)

British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC2018)

World Indoor Rowing Championships

5km, 10km running events

Half Marathons (road and trail)

Full Marathons (road and trail)

Endurance Events

Ultra Marathons

British Powerlifting