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Military discounted membership.

With an ethos and foundation developed progressively over many years The Ministry Gym, Gym Jones and the British military training philosophy's are very much the same. At the Ministry we hold the service of military personal very close to our hearts and invite all services in the military to come train with us.  

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What ever specific courses or development you are training for we will help you through your programs.

We also invite those who seek help with rehabilitation to come talk to us.

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Training for Military type races

If you've stumbled across this page looking for training on races that mimic those that out forces train for such as the infamous Fan Dance, Born Survivor or similar then we are here to help. Instructors here have trained for several well known events and have programming to suit.

Call or mail for more info.

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Military personnel will gain access to The Ministry Gym from individual days and weeks to monthly memberships. By appointment training and monthly memberships.

What ever your circumstance we have a space for you.

Call us and discuss your specific needs or for standard membership details please click here;